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A Marital Bed With Boys/2014-Jan-30 22:40:43-  Directory
All for a Case of Beer/2015-Jun-13 00:59:38-  Directory
Amsterdam Men's Club/2015-Nov-28 11:31:55-  Directory
An Early Education/2015-Nov-05 08:52:21-  Directory
Anything for a Rock Star Idol/2014-May-02 03:23:45-  Directory
Blame the White Lightening/2015-Jun-25 08:59:43-  Directory
Boys 4 Rent/2014-May-16 19:00:32-  Directory
Bully High/2015-Dec-03 14:06:46-  Directory
Co-conspirators/2013-Oct-13 09:34:12-  Directory
Dad Brings Sons to Gay Park/2015-Sep-10 00:43:59-  Directory
Dad Takes Sons to Gay Park/2015-Jun-17 21:06:44-  Directory
Desperate Men do Desperate Things/2014-Sep-30 02:37:22-  Directory
Desperate Runaway/2016-Feb-11 03:18:43-  Directory
Devils Den, Woods Hone Scandal/2014-Jun-04 03:31:11-  Directory
Finding Heaven on the Beach/2015-Oct-20 21:51:44-  Directory
Fine Art of Seduction/2013-Oct-13 09:52:31-  Directory
Fountain of Youth/2013-Oct-13 00:54:57-  Directory
Greyhound Bus Kid/2015-Aug-28 06:23:38-  Directory
Home Invasion Nightmar/2016-Jan-29 21:17:22-  Directory
Living the Lie/2015-Aug-21 20:32:10-  Directory
Mexican Huckster Boy/2014-May-02 03:13:08-  Directory
My Boyfriend, My Little Bro, And Me/2015-Oct-29 09:41:52-  Directory
My Way Or The Highway/2013-Jan-12 17:53:54-  Directory
Night of the Pederast/2015-Dec-17 09:13:06-  Directory
Obsessed With my Nephew's Body/2015-Sep-10 00:29:37-  Directory
Owning the Paradise Arcade/2014-Jan-23 21:49:26-  Directory
Seducing Enzo/2014-Jun-25 11:04:01-  Directory
Seven Can Be Heaven/2013-Dec-13 05:11:38-  Directory
Shagging In My Shag Van -01/2012-Dec-06 09:16:09-  Directory
Shagging In My Shag Van-02/2012-Dec-06 09:20:05-  Directory
Six, In A Fix/2015-Aug-07 20:41:46-  Directory
Surrogate Sexual Awakening/2014-Jan-14 13:15:03-  Directory
Survival Of A High School Freak/2012-Oct-09 22:36:27-  Directory
Tag Teaming Lucas/2015-Oct-01 06:39:42-  Directory
Taking One for the Team/2016-Jan-13 19:16:29-  Directory
The Foster Parent Plan/2014-Mar-25 23:42:16-  Directory
The Nazi's Boy (my novel)/2015-Feb-26 11:49:16-  Directory
The Swim Coach/2016-Apr-24 15:03:11-  Directory
Tijuana Orphanage /2014-Feb-13 04:44:39-  Directory
Trinity Home for Boys/2016-Mar-25 20:06:28-  Directory
What Men Want/2015-Nov-25 21:03:39-  Directory
What is Good for the Goose/2013-Nov-28 22:20:45-  Directory
test/2013-Dec-02 19:02:22-  Directory
www/2016-Jan-29 21:23:50-  Directory
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