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Hi kinksters! I'm new here who can fill me in on the good and bad?

Can someone please tell me how this site works?
Can't post anything, or view pictures.

Apologies for the down time. There was an unexpected power outage!

Welcome, welcome everyone! :)

Btw, don't forget to your stuff in the description box so it can be easily found later!

Hello everyone! I’m a newbie here! :)

I'm quite pleased to see that this site is getting about 200 visitors a day, but without content creators posting, interest will wane.
I think I might have to start loading the site up with stuff... Hmmm...
In my expectations, I thought people would be just shit posting, or posting memes or something along those lines.

FAQ: can I post nsfw content here?
Answer: Absolutely. Go nuts or show nuts. Whatever you want.

I've removed the JavaScript capability on posts and profiles. There was just no way I could ensure a safe sandboxed post using the existing entries. That said, I will be looking further into a new content type that uses an iframe for sandboxing for those who wish to do some website awesomeness.

Site breaking holes have been patched up - again, big thumbs up to DK for spotting that and advising!

Currently, you can apply javascript to your profile page... but it's your profile page, so... I'm gonna leave that for now. I don't want to break scripting completely as I have some ideas that I want to try out (html 5 games?)

Big Thanks to DK!
I'm working on fixing these holes, I'll update you when it's done